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About Cavaxa

A Pharmacy for all your skin needs!

Cavaxa Biotech was founded with an aim to bring innovative and best in class formulations to the pharmaceutical industry. Keeping a key focus on the dermatology and cosmetology segments, we have developed a dynamic range of products that have led us to emerge as one of the fastest growing companies.

Our Purpose

Enriching Lives, that’s not only our prime priority, it is our only priority! Making a difference to our patients’ lives is our unwavering commitment.


We are committed to deliver the highest level of quality and, each of our facilities and legal entities is steadfast to meet the impeccable standards that are expected from a global pharmaceutical company.

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We Stand With Your Skin Needs

Our in depth understanding of science helps us conduct a methodical and meticulous research to arrive at uniquely precise concepts for the products we formulate. We develop these innovative formulations with an aim to meet the needs of all skin types.

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We have what you need!

we strive to provide innovative & best-in-class products that can revolutionize the current therapies in the dermato-cosmetology.

What People says

"I am consistently impressed with the quality and effectiveness of their pharmaceutical solutions. The medications provided by Cavaxa Biotech have been instrumental in improving patient outcomes and helping them manage their conditions effectively."
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Dr. Sudhanshu Singh
M.B.B.S. (Hons.)
"I have had the privilege of working with Cavaxa Biotech and prescribing their medications to my patients, and I must say, their pharmaceutical brand sets a benchmark in the industry.

The quality, efficacy, and safety of their products are unparalleled."
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Dr. Dhiraj Kumar
M.B.B.S. MD. (Skin & VD)
"I have had the pleasure of collaborating with Cavaxa Biotech in my practice, and I am continually impressed by their dedication to patient care. The pharmaceutical solutions they provide have consistently delivered positive results for my patients.."
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Dr. Rakesh Ranjan
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